Pharmacokinetics Data

Pharmacokinetics study

The extended-release formulation of Quillivant XR has a direct impact on the pharmacokinetic profile.

  • A single 60 mg dose of Quillivant XR was compared to two 30 mg doses of methylphenidate IR oral solution given 6 hours apart
  • Both forms of methylphenidate had rapid initial absorption
  • Area under the curve (AUC) for Quillivant XR was comparable to methylphenidate IR oral solution
  • The relative bioavailability of Quillivant XR compared to methylphenidate IR oral solution is 95%

Quillivant Plasma Pharmakokinetic Profile

Pharmacokinetics study

  • A single 40 mg dose of QuilliChew ER was compared to two equal 20 mg of methylphenidate immediate-release chewable tablets administered 6 hours apart
  • Mean peak concentration and exposure (AUCinf) was about 20% and 11% lower, respectively, after a single dose administration of 40 mg of QuilliChew ER

Quillichew Plasma Pharmakokinetic Profile