Extended-Release Technology

Quillivant XR uses proprietary LiquiXR® technology, which provides a combination of approximately 20% immediate-release (IR) and 80% extended-release (ER) methylphenidate

During the manufacturing process, drug/polymer complexes are created and some are coated with varying thicknesses of an ER coating. Some of the drug/polymer complexes remain uncoated.

Quillivant IR and ER Illustration

The uncoated complexes immediately release methylphenidate in the small intestine, while the coated complexes release methylphenidate at varying rates, depending on the thickness of the coating. The thicker the coating, the slower the release.

Quilli Methylphenidate Diffusion Explained


QuilliChew ER uses proprietary extended-release technology, which provides a combination of approximately 30% immediate-release (IR) and 70% extended-release (ER) methylphenidate

Quillichew IR and ER